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What we do

Industrias J.A. is constantly growing thanks to I+D department and engineers collaborations.

Because actually on lighting market there are lots of LED products that don't follow the minimum right characteristics and luminous conditions.
IJA doesn't work only with another companies products, we work our own products, created and made by our staff.

Because IJA always goes one step in front thanks to its improvements and thanks to its constant catalogue enlargement also with the constant improvements in our products specifications.

We have specialized staff to make your energy saving studies to get a better service with our customers.

Because we offer the maximum technical guarantees giving 3 years guarantee that can be extended to 5 years in all our LED products.

Because IJA makes a complete energy saving study on your actual electrical consumption comparing with the electrical consumption if we would replace your traditional lights by our LED products.

All this without any cost for our customers.

Because on IJA we look for the near relationship with the customer to assure them investment, offering them our personalized service with a high quality project finishing and guarantee.

From IJA Alicante we believe in an collaboration model in this dynamic market as is LED lighting market, based on a near relationship with the customer, because of this we defined three collaboration types:

Would be the person who looks for business opportunity for IJA on a first phase.

Prescriber can be any person or company employee. IJA would carry every technical and commercial management without involve to the prescriber on the management.

This is the next step to the prescriber. Would be the person who introduce IJA to the customer on its commercial territory.

Collaborator would support our project personally, being supported by IJA in every moment for the technical and commercial managements.

Would be a company with some targets fixed by IJA to develop together with our company the marketing program in that company commercial territory.

Distributor is like an long time relationship to get together one same target.

To be distributor is necessary to have financier capacity to have stock for replacement and samples.

Any of those types of collaborations will be supported by IJA and its high quality product, after-sales service and quick answering times.

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